Interactive Installation

The installation derives from a web site of the same name which offers a discussion platform on the phenomenon of the loop. Integrated into a chat room and linked to a dialogue system, the chat is constantly directed at the issue of the loop, in the form of a critique. The resulting dialogues are split into words and fragments of sentences, and then newly and graphically combined following the principle of chance.
The conventional linear syntax is disturbed. Generating syntactic layerings and blind spots, the digital speech images are also acoustically disturbed by a speech synthesizer attempting to place the same words together into a new rhythmic order.
Due to the dense and paradoxical combination of simultaneity and sequenciality, the oscillation between reading, observing and hearing becomes one hybrid form of reception.
The transfer of the readable into the unreadable, of the unreadable into the unhearable, and the wavering between looking at and looking through (Bolter), mix the process of reading and looking, therefore demanding a higher level of mental mobility. Courageous readers are required to venture into precarious ground, one which ignores the power of authority. Curious readers are asked to find new schemes, in order to develop them further.