Interactive Installation, Net Art

The installation originates from a website of the identical name, offering a platform for discourse on the phenomenon of the loop. Embedded within a chat room and tethered to a dialogue system, the chat persistently veers towards discussions of the loop, articulated in a critical lens. Emerging dialogues are dissected into words and sentence fragments, subsequently reassembled graphically by principles of chance.
Traditional linear syntax is perturbed, engendering syntactic layerings and blind spots. The digital speech images are further disrupted acoustically by a speech synthesizer, striving to reconfigure the same words into a novel rhythmic order. Owing to the dense and paradoxical amalgamation of simultaneity and sequentiality, the oscillation between reading, observing, and hearing converges into a hybrid form of reception.
The transmutation of the readable into the unreadable, and the unreadable into the unhearable, coupled with the vacillation between looking at and looking through (Bolter), mingles the processes of reading and observing, thus necessitating an elevated level of mental agility. Brave readers are summoned to tread into precarious terrain, one which disregards authoritative power. Curious readers are invited to discover new schemes, propelling them towards further development.