Video Installation

On the flat screen a video loop is running. Start and end points are not visible. It is a never ending ride along a row of prostitutes who are offering their services in house boats. This is what one sees when visiting the red light district in Utrecht, the so called Zandpad or Rode Brug. On the audio channel we don't hear the ambient noise, but the rattling of a machine. We get the impression that this machine is supporting itself with the power that is needed for its operation. When we ride along the balustrade of this device, which is built in the form of a sinusoidal wave, we get the audible impression, that the mechanical apparatus is being wound up by the force of the up and down movement of the sinusoidal waves. Turning back to the house boats, we again hear the rattling of the machine that has enough energy to ride until the end, and again wound up itself. The camera is focused not on the sexworkers, but on water droplets on the car glass. This way we get a muddled view and are not able to identify anyone.