Closed-Circuit Video Installation

The installation consists of a table, a chair and a video screen. The observer is invited to use this meager setup. The environment is recorded by a video camera, and the deferred image is projected onto the screen. Like a process of mirroring, every subject needs an object facing them in order to become conscious of themselves. However, something strange occurs when one sees themselves delayed in time. In the installation, the observer now confronted by a time delayed image, starts to influence and control their own movements, and moves their own body in front of the projection like a marionette.
The observer also has the alternative of standing on the table. If they don't realise this possibility, they don't break out of predetermined conventions, and the projection remains unchanged. If they climb onto the table, the musical piece from Handel's Messiah "Hallelujah" starts to play, and the video image changes to a real time projection.