IOVERSE: The Artistry Behind Input and Output

Back in 1998, when I was building my website, I sought a succinct domain name that would encapsulate the essence of my art and artistic philosophy. That's when I coined the term 'ioverse'. This neologism combines the computer term 'I/O' (input/output) with the suffix '-verse'. In computing, 'I/O' signifies the communication between an information system, like a computer, and the external world—this could be a human or another system. The suffix '-verse' implies a turning or changing motion, as seen in words like 'reverse', 'transverse', and 'inverse'. Simultaneously, 'verse' denotes a single line in a poetic composition, adding another layer of meaning.

From the onset of my artistic journey with computers, there's been a distinctive trait binding my artworks together: they are never fully pre-defined. Instead, I allow them to evolve, either through the viewer's interaction or by channeling existing information flows or signals. Thus, the artwork transcends just the perceivable surface; it encompasses the underlying mechanism that translates incoming signals into output. The source code of such a 'machine' inherently carries the artwork's conceptual essence. 'Ioverse' aptly captures this unique characteristic of my creations.