Interactive Installation

TalkboX emerges as an autonomous art object, meticulously crafted for public spaces. Its overarching mission is to entice users into finding joy within the realm of consumption, positioning itself as an empathetic partner that, in its uniquely idiosyncratic manner, reflects upon the text input by the user. Engagement with the TalkboX is conditioned upon the insertion of coins. The user, in this interplay, is utilized by the system, becoming embroiled in a public performance of consumption. This is, to some extent, a mirror to certain advertising strategies. For instance, conspicuous product labels or items that are frequently physically transported serve solely to transform an individual into a cog within a larger marketing schema. TalkboX not only employs this type of marketing strategy but also extends promises of well-being and happiness, akin to an advertised product. "Buy Yourself Happiness" serves as its ironical motto.

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