Péter Frucht was born in Hungary, in 1986 he immigrated to Germany. He studied film and media arts at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne at Prof. VALIE EXPORT a.o. After receiving his diploma degree in audiovisual media (media arts) he was involved in several multimedia research projects at the Laboratory for Mixed Realities in Cologne. His artistic work ranges from Film, Video to Interactive Virtual Reality Installations often focused on communication topics. His work was shown internationally and 2002 his Installation "IOW IANALBIPOOTV MMIF WITH MFTW IBN COTFLGOHAHA ISBT" was nominated for the Japanese Media Art Award MAP in Tokyo. In the year 2005 he was guest artist of Netherlands Media Art Institute Montevideo in Amsterdam where he developed his Installation "Stay Tuned".  
1996-2001 Studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne - at Prof. VALIE EXPORT
2002 Nomination for the Festival Award 2002 of MAP - Japan Media Arts Festival Tokyo
2001-2003 Assistant research artist at LMR Institute Laboratory for Mixed Realities at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
¬ I was involved in research projects on man machine communication, on nonlinear storytelling in virtual reality environments and on interactive television - more »
2004 Artist-in-residence at the Center for Culture & Communication Foundation in Budapest
2005 Artist-in-residence with the project Stay Tuned at Montevideo - Netherlands Media Art Institute Amsterdam
2006 Guest Artist with the project Seeking Specious at Stichting Kunstmanifestatie op Locatie in Utrecht
2011-2016 Living and working in Berlin
2016-2022 Teaching art, design and media at FOS/BOS Straubing
since 2021 Associate lecturer at the University of Regensburg (Chair of media sciences)
since 2022 Teaching art, design and media at Schulen Breitschaft – FOS Gestaltung