Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Faculty of Philosophy and Education, Chair of Art Education

Master's Thesis: Enhancing Visual Literacy Skills through the Integration of Film Education in the Art Curriculum. See abstract.


NiMK - Netherlands Media Art Institute - (former Montevideo/Time Based Arts)

During my residence at Montevideo I developed a java based virtual reality framework for the creation of immersive VR Installations working on a simple PC. The framework makes different display formats possible, up to cave installations. It allows capturing of audiovisual content and the display of this stream on the surface of 3D shapes. In addition the developed java package supports collision detection and control, animation, automated camera tracks and 3D sound. The development progress was controlled by the creation of 'Stay Tuned'.


Institute Laboratory for Mixed Realities - Academy of Media Arts Cologne

EMBASSI- Multimodal Assistance for Infotainment and Service Infrastructures
Because of my Project Talkbox, I was interested in man-machine communication. I wrote dialogs for a Video Tape Assistent, I tested the developed software and I made experiments with the CSLU-Toolkit, a system for modelling human-computer interaction with the use of a speech recognition system.

alVRed - Nonlinear Dramaturgy in Virtual Environments
The fields of my enquiry were interactive art, nonlinear and immersive ways of story telling and computergames. I was involved in research on non-linear dramaturgy in VR-Environments and in research on developing a rule type for the camera in Virtual Reality. Also here I tested the authoring software which we developed there and designed icons for the softwares interface. I analyzed several computergames with story telling character and participated in the "Live Science Seminar" at KHM and in the workshop "Games and Interfaces" at C3 in Budapest. Farther, I participated in the Workshop "Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality" in Leipzig - International Status Conference "Virtual and Augmented Reality".

meciTV - Media Collaboration for interactive TV
Until the end of october 2003 I was involved in research on interactive narrative, the development of an authoring platform for iTV and the development of a prototype for an interactive TV-broadcast. For this reason we produced a documentary about Budapest and the entry of Hungary into the European Union with the use of archive materials about Hungarian history and the political development of the country. Farther, I edited the video material which we shot in august 2003 in Budapest.